Volunteering in the Classroom
Those parents who work with students in or near the classroom must always be supervised by a licensed staff member.  Parents who work with students on a regular basis OR who attend field trips off district property must complete reference checks and CBI background checks.  All volunteers must sign in at the office.  Parent Volunteer Orientations are offered intermittently to advise volunteers on school protocols. 
Parent volunteers who make a one-time visit to the classroom or who come for occasional visits to the classroom (such as for classroom parties or “Run with Timber”) may simply sign in at the office.  For security purposes, all volunteers sign in at the office and wear school badges or nametags. 
Non-parents who would like to volunteer on a regular basis must complete the same requirements as parents, and must also pass an FBI check which involves fingerprinting at the police station.
Volunteers often help teachers by supporting them in their classrooms.  They may read with students, help small groups, or prepare and organize materials.  Teachers sometimes request support with projects or special activities.  Parents may bring younger siblings with them if they are volunteering outside the classroom (such as helping with copying or cutting in the workroom).  That way, small children do not distract the learners within the classrooms.