Library Procedures

Library Procedures

Students can visit High Plains Elementary Library daily for both educational purposes and personal interests.

Number of Items

Pre - 1st = 1 book

2nd - 5th = 2 books

This policy encourages students to develop responsibility by treating books nicely and returning them on time for others to enjoy. 


Students may visit the library any day, any time. They do not have to wait until their classroom library day and time to pick a new book after finishing one. This policy reflects the character traits we want to foster in students and also the school culture that reading is valued and encouraged!

No Overdue Fines

There are no fines for overdue books. Students must return overdue items before new items may be checked out. Overdue notices are distributed quarterly just as a reminder to students to be responsible for materials they have checked out.

Other Options for Reading Material

Students who have overdue books are able to read books in the library but are unable to take them home. Those students may use their classroom library or the Little Free Library located outside to the right of the front entrance to find reading material.

Lost/Damaged Books

If a book has been lost or damaged, please report it to Mrs. Leach so that she can update the library catalog and inform you of the replacement cost. With parent permission, a student may begin to check out books as soon as the item has been accounted for in the library catalog.

5th graders who have overdue, lost, or damaged books on their library account will be charged the replacement cost in Infinite Campus. It will show up in Fees as HPE|Library - lost book.

How to PICK Just-Right Books

The library program at High Plains strives to teach students to be independent lifelong readers. One of our goals is to get students to love reading. To do this, students must be free to choose their own books in the library. Choice is a huge motivator for readers of all ages.

PICK is an acronym to help students remember how to choose just-right books.

P = Purpose                  Why do I want to read it?

I = Interest                     Does the book interest me?

C = Comprehension      Do I understand what I'm reading?

K = Know the Words      Am I able to read almost all of the words?


My child isn't picking just-right books

Yes, we perform readers' advisory and help guide students to books that they will enjoy and can read independently, but sometimes it is okay for them to choose something too easy for fun or too hard and learn a lesson. If you notice your child is consistently bringing home library books at an inappropriate low or high level, please discuss this with your child or ask me for ideas or tips.

Talk to Mrs. Leach

If you have any concerns or questions about these procedures, please send an email to Mrs. Leach at or call 719-234-4700 to discuss them!