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High Plains Little Free Library 

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High Plains Little Free Library with mascot Timber painted on top middle panel

Students and parents in the High Plains community are welcome to "Take a book, Return a book" from the Little Free Library.

This helps families have 24/7 access to books all year round!

LFL 50 Book Challenge

"Why Does Book Access Matter?"


One of the most successful ways to improve the reading achievement of children is to increase their access to books, especially at home (McGill-Franzen & Allington, 2009).

     Little Free Libraries play an essential role by providing

24/7 access to books (and encouraging a love of reading!)

in areas where books are scarce.

How You Can Help

The Little Free Library belongs to the whole community - students, parents, neighbors, friends, and people we don't even know yet! All of us can help by keeping this collection organized and stocked with current, fun reading material.

- Donate books

- Sort books by type (Picture, Chapter, and Nonfiction)

- Display books you love

- Remove damaged books

- Tell everyone about it

How It Began

Little Free Libraries are a global phenomenon. The small book exchanges number 36,000 around the world in 70 countries.

Mrs. Scarpella knew she wanted to join the movement to share books, bring people together, and create a community of readers.

On a mission, Mrs. Scarpella persuaded The Gazette in Colorado Springs to donate an old newspaper distribution center sitting in their warehouse. A fresh coat of paint and Timber artwork transformed and repurposed it as a Little Free Library at High Plains in 2016!

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