Library Staff


Library Staff

Mrs. Leach

My name is Tracy Leach and I work in the Library as an assistant and in the Office as support. I come to High Plains to help out with kiddos because mine are almost grown. I have a girl and three boys. They were all born in different states:  California, Massachusetts, Montana, and Indiana. I homeschooled all of them for many years. Our favorite way to spend time together was reading aloud. One of the funniest times was when I had to stop reading Anne of Green Gables because I was crying too hard during a sad part. An amazing story was when my daughter and I were digging a garden in the back of our turn-of-the-century home and found an old-fashioned key just as a robin landed on the white picket fence. We just so happened to be reading The Secret Garden at the time. You’ll have to read the book to find out why that event was so fantastic!


I love working at High Plains with all the wonderful staff and children. I think I have the best job working in the library with all the little people and wonderful books. I hope to share the same magic I experienced with my own children with others. I look forward to learning and growing along with everyone at High Plains Elementary for many years to come.

Mrs. de Freitas

Hi!  I'm Mrs. de Freitas, and I'm the teacher librarian here at High Plains Elementary.  I've played many roles during my career in education.  I've been everything from a substitute teacher, elementary classroom teacher, A/V tech, technology teacher, and now I'm your friendly school librarian.


I received my M.Ed. in library media from Auburn University in 2011.  After working in D20, as both a library paraprofessional and elementary technology teacher, our Air Force family moved to Pennsylvania and Virginia where I stayed at home to focus on educating my young son. 

My family consists of two humans, three cats and a dog.  Angel, Mia and Mr. Eugene Eddie Fitzherbert (the cats) enjoy lounging around the house and demanding that their wet food be heated in the microwave.  Charles Barktowski (the dog) enjoys long walks and human food.  My human family members are my son, Liam, and Adrian who is currently assigned to the Air Force Academy's Department of Computer and Cyber Sciences.  When we are not at school, the human family members love to play games (both board and video) as well as go on outdoor adventures.