Character Education Program
Character Eductation is supported through the HOWLS Learner Mindset on a daily basis. Additionally counselors support character development through whole class small group and individual work with students.
Our Counselor Talks With Whole Classes About.....
    •    personal safety
    •    conflict resolution
    •    getting along with classmates
    •    how to solve problems peacefully
    •    study skills for academic success
    •    good communication skills
    •    decision making
    •    cooperation
    •    reading facial expressions and body language
    •    identifying feelings and managing emotions
    •    friendship skills
    •    Life Skills
    •    Bully prevention
    •    Character Education
    •    personal responsibility
Our Counselor Talks With Parents About.....
    •    student progress and accomplishments
    •    child development issues
    •    provision of support and referrals to community resources
Our Counselor Works With Small Groups About.....
    •    friendships
    •    social skills
    •    changing families
    •    grief and loss
    •    coping skills
    •    study skills
    •    deployment
    •    being a new student at High Plains
    •    positive attitude
Our Counselor Coordinates.....
    •    a monthly counselor's message in the school newsletter
    •    parenting programs available in the District
    •    the Student Study process which works with teachers to provide additional support and resources for teachers and students in the classroom
Our Counselor Talks With Students Individually To.....
    •    help new students adjust and make friends
    •    help students get along better with peers, teachers, and parents
    •    facilitate communication about feelings, problems and concerns
    •    encourage, support and to celebrate successes
Safety Lessons
Life Skill Lessons
High Plains Paw PRIDE
Life Skill Lessons
Bully lessons
Safety lessons
High Plains Paw PRIDE
Life Skill Lessons
Bully lessons
Transition for the 5th graders
Career for 5th graders