Curricular Highlights

High Plains Elementary is a standards based teaching and learning organization.

For student social and emotional learning, the RULER program is an evidence-based approach to social and emotional learning that helps school communities integrate the practice of emotional intelligence into daily life. RULER is an acronym for Recognize, Understand, Label, Express, and Regulate emotions. 

For academic learning, we utilize the Wonders Reading curriculum and Orton-Gillingham multi-sensory structured language program for reading development.  Our writing program is Nancy Fetzer's multi-sensory writing curriculum that is articulated K-5 to prepare learners for the rigors of secondary education.  Our math program is framed with supports from the Howard County Public School System, as well as other engaging resources that make mathematics relevant to students.

High Plains is proud to offer Science class as a Special, and it has a strong focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

High Plains Art, Music, Physical Education, and World Language classes are also aligned to Colorado Academic Standards and are themed across the disciplines by culture to highlight the great diversity represented by our students and community.