Cafeteria Meal Prices and Information

 Breakfast & Lunch

Monthly Breakfast $22.00 Monthly Lunch $42.00 Monthly Milk $13.00
Weekly Breakfast $5.50 Weekly Lunch $10.50 Weekly Milk $3.25
Daily Breakfast $1.10 Daily Lunch $2.10 Daily Milk $ .65
(Prices subject to change)
Hot lunch (which includes a drink) is available to all students, or children may bring lunch from home, purchasing a drink at school such as milk or a juice drink if desired. Students may not purchase pop from the teacher’s lounge.  Menus are published and sent home each month. Student accounts may be paid by credit card through the District 20 website (Pay For It) or the High Plains website (Click on Logins and Pay For It under Parents) and / or checks should be made payable to Academy District 20.  No change will be returned to the student. Students may deposit money into their lunch accounts between 8:00 and 8:15 AM each school day in the Tri-space. No refunds from lunch accounts will be made at the end of the school year.  Funds that remain in an account will be available for use the next school year at any District 20 school.  If your student will be late for school, please call the school before 9:00 AM to order a lunch.  When all of the funds in your child’s lunch account are used, the monitor will stamp his/her hand to indicate that more money is needed.
The hot lunch program is contracted through Sodexo Food Services.   Sodexo has a no charge policy.
Students are permitted to call home if they have forgotten their lunch.

Applications for free/reduced lunches must be renewed yearly and are available from the school office. Children who receive free/reduced lunches are not identified, and all information provided is confidential.  If you think you may qualify, please request the form from the school office.
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