Medical Information



Illness Guidelines for Academy School District 20 – Students with one or more of the following symptoms will be excluded from school until symptoms have resolved.
  1. Temperature of 100.5 Fahrenheit or higher. Temperature must be normal for 24 hours without the aid of anti-febrile medications before returning to school. Flu-like symptoms- should be free of symptoms for 48 hours before returning to school.
  2. Constant runny nose.
  3. Abnormal color or consistency of nasal or eye discharge.
  4. Uncontrolled cough or unusual cough.
  5. Frequent sneezing other than allergy related.
  6. Lung or nasal discharge.
  7. Vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours. Symptoms must be resolved for 24 hours before returning to school.
  8. If antibiotics are prescribed, student must receive the antibiotics 24 hours before returning to school.
  9. Undiagnosed skin rashes and/or open lesions.
Infectious Diseases in School Setting- Guidelines for School Nurses and Personnel (Revised Dec. 2004) per Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Students should be allowed to return to school once the exclusion period is met, or a health care provider clears the student. Generally, if any of the following conditions apply, exclusion from school should be considered:
  • If the student does not feel well enough to participate comfortably in usual activities.
  • If the student requires more care than school personnel are able to provide.
  • If the student has a high fever, behavior changes, persistent crying, difficulty breathing, lack of energy, uncontrolled coughing, or other signs suggesting a severe illness.
  • If the student is ill with a potentially contagious illness and exclusion is recommended by a health careprovider, the state or local public health agency, or these guidelines.

Allergies – Parents will be notified of a severely allergic child in your student’s classroom. Please follow the school’s guidance as to what foods, if any, may be sent to school for consumption in the classroom.

Cafeteria Accommodations for Allergies – Appropriate accommodations will be made in the cafeteria for students with severe food allergies. Please check with the school administration and school nurse to establish and identify plans for individual student’s needs.

Medication – When possible, please try to administer medications at home (before school, after school, and at bedtime for those to be taken 3 times per day). Please note:
  • No medication may be dispensed without having filed the appropriate paperwork at school. You will need to complete and sign the Permission to Administer Medication Form.
  • Have your health care provider with prescriptive authority sign the form as well.
  • Prescription medications must come in the original container dispensed by the pharmacy and labeled with the child’s name, medication name, dosage, administration time(s), expiration date, physician’s name and phone number, and the pharmacy’s name and phone number.
  • All medications must be transported to and from the office by parents/legal guardians.
  • All over-the-counter medications including cough drops and pain relievers also require the Permission to Administer Medication Form signed by the Health Care Provider, must be in the original package and labeled with the child’s name. The dosage must match the signed health care provider’s authorization.
  • No medication will be given if it comes in a baggie, plain bottle, envelope, etc. This is to safeguard your child, as well as the staff member dispensing the medication.
Injuries and Emergencies
Injured students are referred to the office for first aid care. A staff member trained to work in the health room is available during the school day. Every attempt will be made to report serious injuries and illnesses to parents/guardian. The school nurse spends approximately one day per week in the building but can be reached at any time if necessary.

*PLEASE HELP US TO PROVIDE THE PROPER CARE FOR YOUR CHILD BY KEEPING ALL EMERGENCY INFORMATION, INCLUDING ALL CELL PHONE NUMBERS CURRENT. Parents are responsible for maintaining current contact and address information via the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.