Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)

​The High Plains PTO’s purpose is to enrich the lives of our families by working together to provide great community involvement and fun activities.  The PTO provides opportunities for family members to volunteer and share in the joy of learning with our students.   The PTO also provides grant money to Staff to assist with new equipment, furnishings, field trips, and awards.  Our grant money is raised by fundraisers and community donations.  We encourage all families to come to PTO meetings.  Dates and times of the meetings can be found on the school website under PTO, in the school newsletter, and on the marquee.


​Whether your commitment is for individual activities, special projects, or regularly scheduled times, you are a valuable asset in meeting the educational needs of our students.

 High Plains Accountability Committee (HPAC)

The High Plains Accountability Committee is where parents and patrons work with High Plains administration and teachers in such areas as goal setting, accreditation, and budget issues.  HPAC provides information to parents on current events in the district.   It is an opportunity for parents and community members to get involved to learn what is happening with our school and D-20.  Please join HPAC for their monthly meetings which are posted on the school website, in the school newsletter, and on the marquee.