What is RULER?

Research shows that students with stronger social emotional skills are better prepared to focus, learn, and do their best in school. Our district has adopted RULER, a program developed by the Center for Emotional Intelligence at Yale University, to teach these skills to students of all grade levels. Below you will find tools and resources to help you understand RULER and use these same tools at home!

Why do emotions matter?

Emotions influence our attention and ability to learn.

Emotions influence our decisions.

Emotions influence physical and mental health.

Emotions influence our relationships.

Emotions affect our performance at school, at home, and at the workplace.

Click below for an intro video from Jan Schneider.

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See Sari Torres's Mood Meter video below!

The Skills and Tools of Emotional Intelligence

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The Mood Meter

The Mood Meter enhances self and social awareness by identifying a color with the way one feels.

Mood Meter.jpg        Mood Meter with words 1.png

Watch the videos below created by High Plains Staff to better explain the colors of the Mood Meter!

Mood Meter Intro.png

Red                                            Yellow 

Red SEL.png        Yellow SEL.png

Blue                                              Green

Blue SEL.png       Green SEL.png

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See the videos below for more RULER Information

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Additional RULER Resources:

Ruler Resources for Families