School Rules and Procedures

 School Rules

 Assembly Expectations – Students will:

  • Be summoned by their classroom to the assembly.
  • Sit in their appointed classroom area.
  • Sit quietly and politely.
  • Maintain polite, attentive, and respectful behavior.
  • Express appreciation appropriately.
  • Follow instructions for dismissal.
  •  Keep hands and feet to themselves.

Cafeteria Expectations – Students will:

  • Sit at tables.
  • Use inside voices while in the cafeteria.
  • Stay with the menu choice they select each morning.
  • Take only what they intend to eat.
  • Use restaurant manners.
  • Clean up after themselves.
  • Follow directions of lunchroom monitors.
  • Raise a hand for assistance.
  • Be notified of a low lunch balance via a note or handstamp.
  • Not share food (for safety reasons).

Hallway Expectations – Students will:

  • Keep hands and feet to themselves.
  • Be quiet in the hallways.
  • Use walking feet.
  • Walk directly to their destination.
  • Act as good role models and follow directions.

Lunch Indoor Recess – Students will:

  • Follow directions from recess monitor or classroom teacher.
  • Follow indoor classroom procedures and behavior.
  • Use activities correctly and appropriately.
  • Share and take turns.
  • Clean up after themselves.
  • Play quietly and fairly.
  • Follow classroom rules.
  • Use appropriate words and actions.
  • Be team players.
  • Use indoor voices.

Playground Safety Expectations – Students will:

  • Know and follow playground rules.
  • Use the playground equipment correctly and safely.
  • Share and take turns using playground equipment (swings, balls, jump ropes, etc.)
  • Use appropriate words and actions.
  • Be team players.
  • Remain within sight of the playground monitor and within the playground boundaries.
  • Ask a playground monitor to retrieve balls or equipment outside the playground
  • Not pick up or throw things on the playground.
  • Use “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to resolve conflicts.
  • Re-enter the building during recess only with permission from the playground monitor.
  • Line up quickly and quietly at signal in preparation to re-enter the building.

Restroom Etiquette – Students will:

  • Spend only as much time as necessary in the restroom.
  • Use the facilities properly.
  • Wash hands after using the restroom.
  • Put trash where it belongs.
  • Be quiet in the restroom.

The following items are examples of items that should not be brought to school:

  • Weapons or facsimiles of any kind (i.e. knives, lighters, matches, toy guns, water guns, etc.).
  • Skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, roller shoes.
  • MP3 players, I-Pods, headphones, electronic games, beepers, laser pens, or other inappropriate electronic devices.
  • E-Readers are allowed at High Plains but only books/magazines can be accessed on them during the school day.
  • Games, toys, trading cards, etc.
  • Other items deemed by administration to be inappropriate for elementary school.

High Plains Elementary and Academy School District 20 does not assume responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged devices or property.

Bicycles may be ridden to school by students and parked in the racks provided in the front of the school. Bicycles should be walked while on school grounds. Each student is responsible for locking his/her bike. Helmets are strongly encouraged for safety. Parents/guardians should discuss proper bicycle and traffic safety procedures.

Skateboards, scooters, and rollerblades may not be used on school grounds or in the crosswalks. Each student is responsible for the safety of their scooter. Scooters may be locked up on the bike racks for safety reasons.

Birthday Treats & Classroom Parties
If you choose to send a treat to celebrate your child’s birthday, please consider a non-food treat such as pencils, stickers, or trinkets. If you decide to send in food, consult your child’s teacher regarding any food allergies present in the classroom community. We highly encourage healthful foods options when possible. Any processed food that enters the building requires a label of ingredients for safety purposes. This applies to homemade as well as store bought items.

Dress for Success
We expect all students to dress appropriately for school, including:

  • Wearing clothing to school that is appropriate to the learning environment. Students should not wear clothing that is inappropriately revealing, tattered or torn, advocating unlawful activities, etc. Straps on tops should be at least 2 fingers in width. When standing, skirts and shorts should be no shorter that the length of the student’s longest fingertip.
  • Layering clothing appropriately for daily weather changes
  • No hats in school with the exception of special spirit days.
  • Wearing appropriate footwear for movement and physical activity (i.e. recess and P.E.).
  • Adhering to Academy School District 20 Dress Code (District Policy JICA – Dress and Appearance)

Field Trips
Parent/Guardian permission slips are required for all field trips. If your child’s class is planning a field trip, you will receive detailed information including date, time, special requirement, and any necessary fees for admission/transportation. Any parent volunteer for a field trip must have a background check done. Any non- parent volunteer going on the field trip must have a more extensive background and fingerprint check completed.

Homework at High Plains is an extension of classroom instruction. Homework assignments will be differentiated to meet the needs of the student. Homework is a vital practice that, although not part of a particular subject’s grade, impacts the success of the student. The timeframe for homework could be up to 10 minutes per grade level each day; nightly reading may be additional. Concepts practiced for homework must have been introduced in the regular classroom, prior to being sent home. Resource teachers (Special Education, Talented and Gifted, English as a Second Language) will communicate and coordinate with the classroom teacher regarding homework from their area, but will not be in addition to the regular classroom homework assignments. Homework should include:

  • reading
  • math facts
  • skill practice from the classroom
  • incomplete classroom work

Financial Assistance
Applications for free/reduced lunches must be renewed yearly and are available from the school office. Children who receive free/reduced lunches are not identified, and all information provided is confidential. If you think you may qualify, please request the form from the school office.

Fire and Emergency Drills
SAFETY is our first priority! Fire and emergency drills are completed periodically so that students are well aware of what to do in an emergency. Emergency routes and information are posted in every room in the building. Teachers review the emergency route and designated safety areas for their class with the students. Students are expected to follow the teacher’s instructions quickly and quietly during an emergency drill.

Lost and Found
Lost and found items are located in the Timber Lost and Found bin in the main school hallway. Smaller items may be located in the office. Students may inquire about personal missing items before and after school. Unclaimed items will be donated to a charitable organization at the end of each quarter.

Pets coming with parents on a leash must be off school property (sidewalk area). Under special circumstances, arrangements may be made with the classroom teacher to bring a pet to school for Show and Tell. A parent will be expected to stay with the pet at all times and the pet must be on a leash or in a cage.

Tobacco-Free Schools
District policy and state law forbid possession, smoking, chewing or other use of any tobacco product on school property or at school activities at any time. See Policy ADC.