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 About the Music Program

Music at High Plains offers our students an opportunity to actively participate in all aspects of the music process. This is done through singing songs of different genres, playing musical games and dancing and singing for public performances. The newest techniques are incorporated into the music program to provide students with a high quality music education. There is a strong emphasis on Orff and Kodaly which teaches students to understand and create music. The students are taught to play music on various pitched and non-pitched instruments. Mrs. Johnson feels strongly that music can also be used to align with and enhance other areas of the curriculum.

The students in second, third, fourth, and fifth grades are encouraged to join the choir. The choir performs twice a year giving students an opportunity to demonstrate their musical and acting talent. This year the choir will be performing at a December Holiday Program and a Musical play, "The Wizard of Oz" in the spring.  We are also planning to participate in the So Co in Harmony Festival at the Pikes Peak Center again this year.  A High Plains goal is that our students will gain a greater appreciation for music and perhaps pursue it as they grow older.
Meet the Teacher - Ms. Judy Johnson
Ms. Johnson has been a music teacher in public school for 16 years, but involved in making music in one form or another for all of her life.  She has 4 children and 6 grandchildren who are all very musical as well.  She has sung semi-professionally with the Inland Master Chorale in Redlands, California and participated in the prestigious Chapman Music Festival with her college choir.  She has sung solos with various choirs and in several master works.  She currently sings with the Soli Deo Gloria choir here in Colorado Springs as well as serving as a church choir director and organist. Ms. Johnson also teaches private voice and piano lessons in Colorado Springs and with the Fountain Arts Center.
Ms. Johnson graduated from California Baptist University with a BA in Liberal Studies Human Development and a Masters of Science Degree in teaching reading.  Her hobbies include reading, sewing, and many different kinds of crafts and needlework.
Activities include:
 Enhance all areas of education 
Children and all students are capable of learning in eight ways (Howard Garner, theorist, multiple intelligences). Therefore, my approach to teaching includes all eight styles:
Linguistic - lectures, discussions, word games, storytelling, choral reading, journal writing
Logical-Mathematical - brain teasers, problem-solving, science experiments, mental calculation, number games, critical thinking
Spatial - visual presentations, art activities, imagination games, mind-mapping, metaphor, visualization
Bodily-Kinesthetic - hands-on learning, drama, dance, sports that teach, tactile activities, relaxation activities
Musical - singing, rhythmic speaking or moving, listening to sounds, creating and composing
Interpersonal - cooperative learning, peer tutoring, community involvement, social gatherings, simulations, role playing
Intrapersonal - individualized instruction, independent study, options in course of study, and self-esteem building
Scientific Learner - nature, world learner - uses experimentation and his/her senses
Policies, Procedures, and Classroom Information
HOWLS Learner Mindset
Responsive Classroom

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