Lori's Picture.JPGWelcome to Mrs. Kiser's World Language Class.

Mrs. Kiser was born and raised in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. She is married and has two children; Asher and Tavia. She is very excited to be teaching World Language at High Plains. Mrs. Kiser enjoys reading and playing tennis.
Bachelor of Arts in English, minor in Spanish and Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado.

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​Hello High Plains!

This year brings an exciting new change in your specials agenda.  In previous years, Mrs. Kiser taught Spanish where learners focused on short themed lists of commonly used words and phrases and bits of culture from Spanish speaking countires.  In broadening this special to include aspects from many cultures, World Language will allow learners exposure to the laguages and cultures of many more countries.  Mrs. Kiser plans to focus particularly on those cultures represented in our rich and diverse population at High Plains Elementary.  It is sure to be an exciting adventure!

World Language Curriculum
1st Quarter2nd Quarter3rd Quarter4th Quarter

Standard 1

Communication in Languages Other Than English

Standard 3
Connections with Other Disciplines and Information Acquisition
Standard 2
Knowledge and Understanding of Other Cultures
Standard 4
Comparisons to Develop Insight into the Nature of Language and Culture


H - Honor (Show respect)
O - Ownership (Take care of yourself and materials)
W - Work hard (Do your best)
L - Leadership (Do the right thing)
S - Safety (Keep your chairs flat)​