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Welcome to the High Plains Elementary Counselor's Page


Hello Parents and Students of High Plains!

What a crazy time for all of us! As we venture through the world of sta​ying home and continuing school through e-learning, I will be posting some activities, links, and information here on this page so that our High Plains kiddos can continue with their social-emotional learning! The first informational post is about shifting our mindset while we deal with this pandemic.  It's important to stay positive when in stressful situations, and here's some examples that may help you with that!  

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As this time will be one that will go down in history books, I found a kids activity packet that families can do together.  It's called the 2020 COVID-19 Time Capsule, and it captures what's going on right now so that families can remember it later.  There are many social-emotional learning activities on here as well.  Have fun completing!

Fun Scavenger Hunt Ideas

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What is the Counseling Program and what is the role of a School Counselor?

The school counseling program at High Plains Elementary is an integral component of the school's mission and is driven by student data. The school counselor is a Master's level (or higher) certified professional who works collaboratively with students, families, teachers/staff, and community stakeholders to create an environment resulting in a positive impact on student achievement. Our program is based on the ASCA National Model and provides a structured program of services to ensure that all students, regardless of their individual differences, can acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitude to become effective students, responsible and productive members of society, and lifelong learners.

What types of supports can my child receive from the School Counselor?

  • Individual Counseling- Students can talk with the school counselor in a safe, confidential setting.  Some examples of topics discussed are: identifying feelings, bullying, making/getting along with friends, problem solving, motivation, responsibility and family/personal issues.
  • Small Group Counseling-Students work together with peers who have similar issues in a small group environment (2-6 peers).  Topics include: social skills, managing emotions, changing families, grief/loss, self-esteem, adjustment, coping skills, transition, and resilience.
  • Classroom Counseling/Guidance-Depending on the needs of each classroom, the school counselor provides whole class lessons on topics such as: personal safety/responsibility, conflict resolution, good communication skills, decision-making, cooperation, identifying feelings and managing emotions, social/friendship/life skills, bully prevention, and character education.

How can a student or parent meet with the School Counselor?

High Plains has an open-door policy when meeting with the school counselor.  With teacher permission, a student can see the school counselor throughout the school day.  If the counselor is unavailable, students can write their name on the counselor's sign-in and the counselor will meet the student at a later time.  A parent, teacher, peer, or other school staff can also ask the counselor to see a student. Parents can also meet with the counselor by appointment. If you have any questions/concerns, I can be reached by phone at 719-234-4700 or by email at  To learn more about our counselor, Mrs. Torres, click here.about me.docx