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High Plains Elementary school opened in the fall of 1981 becoming the first elementary school in the Briargate area. 

The school continued to grow and 4 years later we added a new section to the school We had over 600 students and added 3 trailers to accommodate our students. Later two schools were built in the area and the boundaries for our school were changed. We are currently at 292 students. 

When our school opened, we were the High Plains Indians and our school colors were orange and yellow.  In 1996 we became the High Plains Wolves and changed our school colors to blue and white. The students voted on a school mascot name and Timber became our school mascot. 

Mr. Nelson started a new tradition with Field Day and with the help of PTO, Run with Timber has become a favorite event with Field Day. Other special events started by High Plains include: Thanksgiving Dinner for families and PTO sponsored events (Movie Night, Dinner Fundraisers, Mother's Day Roses, and more). 

Former Principals:

  • Joanne Hock: 1981-1985

  • Gail Smartt: 1985-1992

  • Lynn Kintz: 1992-1997

  • Theresa VonEnglen: 1997-2004

  • Kim Hollm: 2004-2009

  • Chris Saip: 2009-2014

  • Tom Andrew: 2014-2018

  • Dr. Craig Stevens: 2018-present